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Just wanted to say thank you to the owner Billy Foster of Advanced Windshield Repair I have being coming to him with my suv BMW x5 since 2011 because he has help with the insurance paper work and I do not have to pay out of pocket it is “Free”.

M. Carrera of Mission, TX

Welcome to Advanced Windshield Repair

located at 321 N. col. rowe blvd. (2nd st) in mcallen texas ( 3 blocks north of business 83 on 2nd street)

Windshield chips – Windshield cracks up to 18″ and longer

Expert glass repair with 21 years experiance in glass repair. And it’s free with most full coverage insurance!

  This is a specialty chip and crack repair shop only.

Sorry no windshields or glass sold or installed here…

no venden vidrios aqui. lo siento.

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Did you know that an small rock chip* on your windshield can easily turn into a long crack that could require complete windshield replacement? In many cases if the chip is not repaired right away,  temperature variations, such as turning on your defroster on a cold morning or getting your car washed on a hot afternoon, road vibration, and even weather conditions  could go to work on it to create a crack that spreads across the windshield.

* What exactly is a chip? a chip usually occurs when a rock hits your windshield. It  can range from the size of a pencil eraser, to dime or quarter size and larger in some cases.  However, to be noted,  anything the size of a grain of rice or smaller are usually “surface nicks” and usually do not require repair.   If you ever have a question as to what type of damage you have  feel free to stop by and we will give you an honest assessment of your damage. We are not in this business to charge you nor insurance for anything that does not need to be repaired.

*What are cracks? Cracks are when the chip “runs” and can be single (sometimes double)  lines ranging anywhere from 1 inch to 24 inches. We repair these also, yet the damage needs to be “fresh” for ideal repairs. (meaning quickly after it has happened).  any damage that has sat on your windshield for months will not render as a “clean” repair as if you had brought it in right away. However we can still repair the older cracks they just won’t look as good as a fresh one.

•Advanced Windshield Repair provides free windshield rock chip repairs to those with full coverage insurance. aprox. 90% of insurance companies will waive your deductible & pay us 100% directly to reduce their w/s replacement costs. It’s pretty simple, Due to the high cost of windshield replacement costs, your insurance company wants you to get your windshield repaired before you need replacement, This is why they waive your deductible and pay us direct for the repairs, it simply saves insurance companies money every year by not having to buy windshields.

If you decide to use insurance and you want the work done here…  I strongly suggest not calling your insurance company’s 800 claim number  because you will transferred into a glass network and they can tie up the work for days making it difficult to use a shop of your choice.   just come in and let us process the claim here.

Never forget this rule, you have the right to choose any shop of your choice to get your glass work done.

once again, just come in and let us call it in for you. Things will go much faster.


We process all claims here while you wait and accept St. Farm, USSA, Allstate, Geico, Farmers & many others. Call us today to inquire if your windshield chip can be repaired at no-cost to you.

A few tips and info about windshield repair… The purpose of a repair is to prevent damage from spreading, many repairs become much less noticeable, and some may almost disappear, yet others, due to the severity of the damage will not.  In all cases you will see an improvement.  The guarantee is to prevent your damage from spreading.

get it repaired fast…

If you can not make it in right away place a small piece of scotch tape over the damage to keep it clean and moisture free.

A chip or a crack repair turns out best when repaired right away, while the glass is clean and dry. try to bring it in within a few days for best results. Damage that has sat on a windshield for months can still be repaired, yet it may inherit dirt and other chemicals (such as rain-x) in it over time. not good.

Avoid rapid temperature changes like the defrosting you windshield, or washing your auto with cold water in the afternoon of a hot day before you get it repaired, rapid temperature change cracks windshields.

•Windshield glass repair is the environmentally-friendly choice. Because auto glass can’t be recycled, millions are piling up in our landfills.  Windshield chip repair instead of auto glass replacement is one more way to go green!

•We carry a lifetime repair guarantee on all chip repairs. We  guarantee your auto glass repair will not crack or spread for as long as own the vehicle or w e will refund the original price of the windshield chip repair.

I want to thank all of my loyal customers that have being with me for many years.

Advanced Windshield Repair Serving McAllen and surrounding cities like Pharr, Hidalgo, Mission, Sharyland, La Joya, Edinburg, Texas.

Please feel out the form on the right to setup an appointment so I can have you in and out without you having to wait to long. And if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.

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